The Bittersweet Smile

The following story is not based on true events, it is one in its entirety , originally I titled it..   GUNTASH There is a great chance that you must  have come across, what must only be known as a divine revelation – “Everything happens for the best”, in your life. You can also be… Continue reading The Bittersweet Smile


I am Kashmir

                                                                          I've been like this for a long time. Only a few derive pleasure. Only a few are benefited. And only a few know. Im a land by God, a land on the top, greenest  of them all, but all I have to offer now is red. A single hue of red. Blood of Kashmiris -the… Continue reading I am Kashmir

“A Wristwatch Saved Harold Crick.”

This was the ending of a beautiful film I just finished watching on my computer- Stranger than fiction. It is not a new film, I dont know how it has missed me all these years, but just like the taxi drivers say in my homeland," Better late than never". SPOILER ALERT* So this film, if… Continue reading “A Wristwatch Saved Harold Crick.”

A dream can’t be this long…

The Following Post Has Been Issued In Public Interest 😉  19:02 20th January Someone stole my phone. Took it right out of my pant pocket, leaving a dangling earphone jack for me to look at in utter disbelief. I always keep my hand on my phone, from over the pocket while travelling in the Delhi… Continue reading A dream can’t be this long…

Thank God for number 2

I MADE IT! I am actually writing another post and hopefully i will live through its completion and not die before publishing this! There you go! This is the study that i was talking about.Firstly to think that they studied the lives of so many people is just marvelous, and then the conclusion that… Continue reading Thank God for number 2

Hello world!

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